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When Computer Problems Arise, Call Trisec

When computer problems arise, getting a quick fix isn’t always easy. Some computer repair shops simply don’t have the technicians and expertise to do the job properly or don’t explain how to avoid future problems. Other shops try to provide every computer-related service to everybody and, therefore, don’t give your machine top priority.

But when you have your computers repaired by Omaha-based Trisec Computer Services, such inadequacies are avoided. Trisec, started in 1996 as a Cyber Exchange franchise, provides quality, cost-efficient computer repair service to home computer users, business customers and manufacturers. Trisec also provides extended warranty services.

“Computer users who have service needs such as replacing parts, reloading software, compatibility issues, dealing with virus issues and memory upgrades has proved to be a continually growing market,” says Betty Dudzik, who co-owns Trisec with Dean Jessick and Jeff Culler, the two men who started the company. “We understand these service needs and how to listen to the needs of our clients.”

Trisec has succeeded by tailoring its services to individuals and small businesses that need quick computer repair solutions. Trisec’s eleven fully insured technicians have concentrated their efforts on knowing how to repair the most-common brand name computers as well as always having the capability to service off-brands.

Trisec offers the following services:

– Drop-off and on-site warranty repair labor and parts replacement for most computer hardware components and printers, including desktop and laptop computers and color printers.

– Online warranty claim submission, manufactured returned parts and authorizations with manufacturers. The manufacturers make reimbursement for such claims directly to Trisec.

– Standard services provided Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding holidays. Saturday morning drop-off service hours are also available for customer convenience. Emergency services (though rare) are available during non-standard times.

Trisec’s technicians specialize in computer diagnostics as well as complete system restorations, virus removal and projection, creating small computer networks, and computer upgrades (including memory, hard drives, video and communications).

“Our slogan is, ‘We will fix your computer; it’s that simple,’” Dudzik says. “Consumers do not need to be weighed down with difficult-to-understand jargon. We speak to the consumers in a language they can understand, and we remain non-threatening in our approach. We make certain consumers understand what is being done with their computers as well as any risks to their data.”

Dudzik says Trisec technicians and customer service staff take the fear out of dealing with computer repairs by counseling customers on how to best protect data in case a computer problem crops up and by making every effort to communicate with consumers based on their level of computing knowledge.

Trisec Computer Services has offices at the Nebraska Furniture Mart locations in Omaha and Kansas City, Kan. Nebraska Furniture Mart has contracted with Trisec to provide its in-house customer computer repair and upgrade services.

To contact Trisec Computer Services for your repair needs, give the staff a call at 402-###-#### or visit Trisec’s website at

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