Writing Samples

The following represent a cross-section of my work with businesses, magazines, nonprofits, FinTech providers, SEO and more.

Website & Magazine Writing

Here are some of the websites that I have written either in part or completely (contents may have changed). Election Systems & Software: Missionary Society of St. Columban: Hawkins Construction: Mutual of Omaha Agent Access online magazine: Holiday Bright Lights: Malibu Homes of Omaha: Vyral Marketing: Email marketing messages and blog posts, primarily for real estate firms Tristan …

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SEO Content That Drives Sales

Mushroom Popcorn SEO Jumbo mushroom popcorn is not your typical popcorn—it’s bred to produce enormous, round kernels that make it popular for adding delicious toppings and coatings. Add caramel, cheese, chocolate or other coatings to the huge, beautifully popped kernels, and you have a perfect jumbo-sized treat for gatherings with family and friends. Popcorn County …

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Case Study Boosts Sales Leads

Our CustomerPiggly Wiggly Carolina Corp., based in Charleston, South Carolina, has 110 full-service grocery stories throughout Georgia and South Carolina. To better compete in the highly competitive retail grocery marketplace, Piggly Wiggly Carolina needed to know more about customers in its customer-loyalty programs. Target Master, ACI Worldwide’s multifaceted target marketing solution, helped the grocery-store chain …

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Multiple RNA Modifications can be Simultaneously Predicted, Researchers say

The ability to predict and interpret modifications of ribonucleic acid (RNA) has been a welcome advance in biochemistry research. Existing predictive approaches, however, have a key drawback—they can only predict a single type of RNA modification without supporting multiple modifications or providing insightful interpretation of their prediction results. Researchers from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, led by …

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Creating a Positive Corporate Culture

Omaha B2B Quarterly Magazine article All but the most Scrooge-like employers want contented employees. But knowing how to make workers happy—while boosting productivity and ensuring a healthy bottom line—is too often a different story Many progressive, large companies devote plenty of resources to creating a positive “corporate culture,” that catchphrase from the employee-friendly ’90s often …

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